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Canine Connection Dog Training

What Our Clients Say!

“Had a great experience at Puppy Class! Definitely, recommend.”


“Mindy is awesome, knowledgeable and so kind to all of us… Thanks for your patience and hard work Mindy.”


“Mindy is amazing with all dogs! She is very knowledgeable and helps us to train the dogs individually based on special needs for breeds or behaviors.”


Expert Pet Care

Canine Connection Dog Training is a dog training facility that offers breed specific dog training and behavioral modification with the benefits of being partnered with Valley View Pet Hospital. With our knowledge in the medical field and canine behavior, our training is focused on healthy obedience. We teach a curriculum that focuses on the capabilities of each dog, knowing that all dogs are different and do not learn the same. With smaller class sizes you receive more individual attention you and your canine need and deserve.

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Professional Dog Training

Canine Connection is a one of a kind dog training facility that focuses on the health and well-being of each canine companion. Contact us to schedule a training session today!

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